#005: "Ministry," not "Martyrdom" (with Sr. Kathleen Harmon, featuring Pat Kerwin)

Sr. Kathleen Harmon, SNDdeN

Sr. Kathleen Harmon, SNDdeN

None of us needs to be reminded that next week is the biggest week of the liturgical year. All of us have our “to do” lists ready, and we will be feverishly making final preparations in the days ahead. What we do need reminding of is to slow down, to breathe, and to be attentive to what it is we really do: lead people in prayer. Today we will hear two important messages: Sr. Kathleen Harmon, SNDdeN, helps us refocus on our role as prayer leaders, not simply leaders of music. Pat Kerwin reminds us that it’s called “ministry,” not “martyrdom.” 



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