#008: Only 374 Preparation Days to Triduum (with Diana Macalintal, featuring Rachel Held Evans)

Diana Macalintal

Diana Macalintal

Doing real, objective evaluation of our liturgies, especially major celebrations like those during Triduum, is so important, yet can be difficult to get right. Often, we are tempted to do the evaluating in real time, while the liturgies are happening, but that prevents us from entering into the prayer and mystery of the celebration. Other times we are tempted to wait, and we do, but we wait too long and so forget what went well, what went wrong, or ideas about what might be done differently. Today our evaluation gets a boost from two important sources: Diana Macalintal provides a list of ten triduum pro-tips. Rachel Held Evans asks the question, “So how was your Easter…really?” 



Rachel Held Evans

Rachel Held Evans

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Download Diana's evaluation resources from today's episode by visiting her website.

You can find out more about Diana Macalintal and her work at www.TeamRCIA.com and at liturgy.life. You can find information about her publications by visiting the Liturgical Press. You can also find out more about her music compositions by visiting World Library Publications

You can read the full text of Rachel Held Evans' blog post, "So How Was Your Easter...Really?" on her website. The original post was dated April 9, 2012.

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