#019: Should We? - or - How Can We Not? (with Rory Cooney)

Rory Cooney

Rory Cooney

I am willing to wager that all of us engaged in pastoral ministry would consider ourselves to be disciples – believers of the Good News, followers of Christ. I’m also willing to wager that, just like the first disciples, we are imperfect – sometime stumbling, sometimes second-guessing, sometimes fearful and unsure. 

Ministry is never easy, and it is made all the more difficult in challenging times like these. We are called to accompany those to whom we minister as we all traverse the rocky road of politics, of interpersonal relationships, of messy life events, and more. We are called to help make sense of what all seems, at times, to be senseless. We are called to express the Truth with love and honesty. 

In today’s episode, we discuss how to think about the ways we can – or should – acknowledge and respond to the issues happening in our nation and our world. It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, as we’ve seen news stories and social media commentary about immigration policy and strategy, especially on our southern border. To help frame these issues, we’ll hear from Rory Cooney. I have long admired Rory for his beautiful compositions and profound texts. More so, I marvel at Rory’s ability to speak so well about how the Gospel meets real life. Today, he will share some of his wisdom, his study, and his experience.



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