#050: Physical Health and the Pastoral Musician (with Dr. Paul Schaefer)

Dr. Paul Schaefer

Dr. Paul Schaefer

The most recent issue of Pastoral Musicmagazine is all about health. It contains perspectives on stress, finding and maintaining balance, forgiveness, healing, and more. I hope that, by now, you’ve had a chance to read through it.

To be honest, pastoral musicians are not known for effective health routines. We have stressful and emotionally-demanding jobs. We regularly spend hours sitting in meetings. Many of us don’t maintain regular or healthy eating habits. Even more of us find it difficult to find time to exercise. The list goes on.   

Today, we’re focusing on physical health. It’s time for our collective trip to the doctor for our annual check-up. We’ll talk about maintaining healthy habits, balance, and the unique physical health needs of musicians. To do so, we’ll speak with Dr. Paul Schaefer. We’ll also hear about personal renewal from Matthew Walsh in today’s Ministry Moment. 


For more information about Dr. Paul Schaefer and his work, visit his biography page on the Lakeview Health website.

Today’s featured article was originally published in the December-January 1982 issue of Pastoral Music magazine. The most recent issue of Pastoral Music, titled “Musician, Heal Thyself: The Delicate, Necessary, and Elusive Art of Self-Care” was published in January of 2019.

The music you heard in today’s episode: “To Be Fishers of Women and Men” (Kathy Powell) and “I Have Been Anointed” (Steve Warner).

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