Christian Cosas

#046: Planning Goals for the New Year (with Christian Cosas)

Christian Cosas

Christian Cosas

Today we are continuing our series for the New Year. Traditionally, at the end of December, we set resolutions or goals for the new calendar year ahead. Over the next few episodes, we’ll be looking at ministerial resolutions to help inform your own goals and targets.  Last week we spoke with Timothy Johnston about setting goals for professional development. If you haven’t listened to that episode, I encourage you to check it out.

Today, we’ll hear from Christian Cosas about a new way to think about – and to track – your liturgy planning. Plus, we’ll hear some thoughts about the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord from Rory Cooney in this week’s Ministry Moment. 


For more information about Christian Cosas, visit his composer page at World Library Publications and his composer page at Simply Liturgical Music.

You can access examples of Christian’s planning template by visiting the resources page for his article, “Planning Music for Liturgy: Seeing the Forest for the Trees,” in the May-August 2018 edition of GIA Quarterly.

To read the full text of Rory Cooney’s blog post, visit the “Gentle Reign” website.

The music you heard in today’s episode: “Healing River of the Spirit” (BEACH SPRING, text by Ruth Duck), instrumental arrangement of “Healing River of the Spirit” (arr. Maureen Briare), and “I Have Been Anointed” (Steve Warner).

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