Fr. Elmer Pfeil

#074: Passing the Torch (with Amanda Bruce)

Amanda Bruce

Amanda Bruce

Today’s show is all about transitions. I’m happy to be joined by Amanda Bruce, the new Interactive Media Director for NPM. We’ll hear from Amanda about her new role within the association and the important work she will be doing. 

But first, and on a more personal level, this will be my last episode as host of “Ministry Monday.” Hosting this program has been a unique honor and privilege. It has allowed me to hold conversations with pastoral ministers, composers, teachers, authors, and witnesses from across the country. It has allowed me to help animate the importance of NPM in a new way using a new medium. Most importantly, it has allowed me to connect with so many of you, our faithful listeners. It is my sincere hope that, in some way, this program has been able to serve as a “ministry companion.” At a time when serving in ministry can feel lonely or isolated, I hope that these conversations have helped you feel connected, appreciated, and valued. 

I am overjoyed that NPM will be continuing “Ministry Monday,” and that Amanda Bruce will serve as host. The work of NPM is more important than ever because your work – the work of pastoral ministry – is more important than ever. 

And so, before we get to today’s interview, I want to share with you two important thoughts from two different voices – one from the very beginning of NPM, and one from the more recent past. I hope that they can serve as both a reminder and a challenge as we all continue to work and serve. 


You can learn more about Amanda Bruce by visiting the Ministry Monday “about us” page.

You can read the full text of the articles by Fr. Elmer Pfeil and Dr. Tony Alonso on the NPM website.

The music you heard in today’s episode is from the album “Sacred Improvisations,” performed by Fr. Robert Koopmann, OSB.

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