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#071: Ministering in a Time of Tragedy (with Peter Kolar)

Peter Kolar

Peter Kolar

Today’s episode is about ministering in times of tragedy. In the past year, too many communities have been torn apart by violence, injustice, natural disaster, or other devastating events. In these times, words fail. No matter how well our liturgy or Scripture classes have prepared us, we can feel like we don’t know what to do. Yet, it is at these times that music can be the most transformative.

Today, we’ll hear from Peter Kolar. An accomplished pastoral musician and composer, Peter shares with us today his experience ministering in the aftermath of the recent mass shooting in El Paso, Texas. 


For more information about Peter Kolar and his compositions, visit his biography pages at World Library Publications and GIA Publications

You can access Peter’s full article by visiting the “Sing, Amen!” blog post from August 24, 2019.

The recordings of "The Cloud’s Veil" (Liam Lawton), instrumental piano “The Cloud’s Veil” (arr. Paul Tate), “Nada te Turbe” (arr. Marty Haugen), and “Go, Silent Friend/In Paradisum” (arr. Steve Petrunak) were produced by GIA Publications.

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