Sr. Mary Jo Quinn

#066: Creating Space for Worship (ft. Sr. Mary Jo Quinn, SCL)

Sr. Mary Jo Quinn, SCL

Sr. Mary Jo Quinn, SCL

It’s summer, but what does that really mean for pastoral musicians? A change of pace, sure, but that doesn’t always mean slowing down. It means busier schedules, covering more liturgies with fewer musicians, weddings, and so forth. For many of us, there is also the added dimension of an increasingly transient congregation – the regulars go on vacation, and the increase in visitors is palpable. 

So, today, we’re going back to the beginning – the gathering rite. Why? Because it’s good to reexamine our practice from time to time, and because the summer is a great time to be even more intentional than usual about how we gather as a worshiping community. To help us out, we’ll hear from an article written by Sr. Mary Jo Quinn, SCL. We’ll also hear a selection from composer Judy Hunnicutt in this week’s “Ministry Moment.”


To learn more about Sr. Mary Jo Quinn, by visiting her bio page on the OCP website. You can read her article, “Preparation at the Liturgy: Creating Space for Worship” in the 2006 April-May issue of Pastoral Music magazine.

The recordings of “Send Us Your Spirit” (David Haas) and “Come, Spirit, Come” (Judy Hunnicutt) are produced by GIA Publications. “Veni Sancte Spiritus” (Christopher Walker) and “Ven Espiritu Santo” (Jaime Cortez) are produced by OCP.

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