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#003: From "Where?" to "Why?": Reframing the Youth Question (with Dr. Bob McCarty, featuring Sr. Anne Bryan Smollin, CSJ)

Dr. Bob McCarty

Dr. Bob McCarty

Each major convention of Catholic organizations includes at least one session that address a variation of the question, "Where have the youth gone?" In today's episode, we speak with Dr. Bob McCarty about new research into the disaffiliation of young Catholics, why we are asking wrong questions, and what the take-aways are for those of us in liturgical and pastoral ministry. We also hear from Sr. Anne Bryan Smollin, CSJ (1943-2014) on the dynamic importance of "the little things" in building and enriching interpersonal relationships. 



Sr. Anne Bryan Smollin, CSJ (1943-2014)

Sr. Anne Bryan Smollin, CSJ (1943-2014)

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