Tom Franzak

#016: Navigating Transitions (with Tom Franzak)

Tom Franzak

Tom Franzak

It can be hard enough to juggle one calendar, but those of us in pastoral ministry juggle three – yearly, liturgical, and fiscal. What’s more, each has a unique beginning. We celebrate the yearly New Year on January 1, the liturgical New Year on the first Sunday of Advent, and the fiscal New Year on July 1. 

Today, we’ll focus on fiscal time. With just a few weeks left before July 1, parishes and pastoral ministers around the country are preparing for transitions. Some pastors will begin new assignments, some ministers will begin new positions, some communities will begin new partnered or clustered relationships, and so forth. Navigating our experience of these transitions can be challenging, especially if you are someone changing positions. Even if you or your community aren’t experiencing changes, at some point, you surely will. So, whether your July 1st New Fiscal Year will see new changes or not, it is important that we cultivate an informed spiritual and tactical mindset. Tom Franzak will help us frame how we think about and approach these transitions, and we’ll share some of his music in this week’s Ministry Moment.



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