#039: Formation and Connection, Delivered to Your Doorstep (with Kathy Felong)

Kathy Felong

Kathy Felong

This past year, NPM offered its forty-first convention. For more than four decades, NPM has been gathering, forming, and celebrating pastoral musicians in national and regional conventions offered across the country. For just as long – in fact, for a little longer – NPM has offered formation, celebration, and connection through the publication of Pastoral Music magazine. 

Today, we’re talking about the NPM magazine as it transitions to a new editorial staff. We’ll discuss the following questions: Why, when we so often hear that print media is dying, does NPM continue to offer a magazine? What impact does NPM hope the magazine will have on the practice of its members? What can we expect to find in the new issue when it lands in our mailboxes in a few weeks? And more. To explore these questions, we’ll speak with Kathy Felong, the new editor of NPM’s magazine. We’ll also hear an excerpt from Pope Francis’ message on World Communications Day 2018 in this week’s Ministry Moment.


The newest issue of Pastoral Music will be arriving in mailboxes around Thanksgiving Day. Members of NPM automatically receive a copy. If you aren’t a member yet, sign up today!

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The music you heard in today’s episode: “Find Us Ready” (Booth), “Piano Improvisation on ‘Break Bread Together’” (Koopmann), and “Give Us Peace” (Roberts).

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