#031: Planning and Leading Bi-Cultural Celebrations (with Jaime Cortez)

Jaime Cortez

Jaime Cortez

I know we are only at the midpoint of September, but for those of us in liturgical ministry, we are already thinking about Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas. Now, today’s episode isn’t about picking Advent repertoire and you won’t hear any Christmas music in our soundtrack. Soon, you’ll get your fill of premature holiday cheer at your local Target or Starbucks. 

Instead, we’re focusing on a different issue. At the end of each podcast episode, I always ask you, our listeners, to contact us and recommend topics for future episodes. So far, many of our guests and topics have been suggested by you. Today, we’re discussing a topic we’ve received a lot of questions about – how do we better plan and lead bi-cultural liturgies? Many parishes have separate liturgies offered in more than one language, often English and Spanish. What do we do, then, for those celebrations when our entire parish community is gathered, like at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Holy Thursday, and so forth?

Today, we’ll hear a special workshop presentation from composer and teacher Jaime Cortez. Offered at this year’s NPM convention in Baltimore, Jaime’s workshop was titled “Bi-Cultural Communities Celebrate Feasts, Solemnities, and Seasons.” In his session, Jaime sought to answer an important question: “How do we merge the traditions of different cultures and create a new tradition that all will find meaningful?”



For more information about Jaime Cortez, visit his bio page at OCP.

You can purchase the music you heard in today’s episode: “Malo, Malo, Thanks be to God!” (Manibusan) and “Give us Peace” (Roberts).

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