#032: Reimagining Membership - A Call to Action (with Stephen Petrunak)

Steve Petrunak

Steve Petrunak

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When we began this podcast, our first episode was published on the first Monday of Lent. Our guest for that show was Steve Petrunak, the president of NPM. In that episode we spoke about Steve’s vision for NPM, some of the projects that were in the works, and more. Now, thirty-one episodes later, we’re welcoming Steve back to the show. 

 But, this time, Steve isn’t here to provide an update. In his time as president, NPM has faced a variety of changes both within the organization and without. These changes have sparked new strategies and initiatives, sure, but have also caused questioning and introspection. 

So, today, we’ll speak with Steve about one of the basic building blocks of any organization: membership. How should we, the members of NPM, think about the organization? How to we relate to it? How should it serve our needs? 



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To contact Steve Petrunak, visit the “Ask the President” page on the NPM website.

You can read the full text of Gaudete et Exultate on the Vatican’s website.

You can purchase the music you heard in today’s episode: “The Servant Song” (Gillard, arr. O’Brien) and “Give us Peace” (Roberts).

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