#056: Engaging Young People with the One Call Institute (with Jes Garceau)

Jes Garceau

Jes Garceau

One of the many ways that NPM is able to support the work of pastoral musicians is through institutes. These programs feature a smaller, more intimate, more intense learning environment. In the coming weeks, we’ll be featuring these institutes in our Ministry Monday conversations.

I am proud to co-direct the One Call Institute, a proud member program of NPM. Taking place this coming summer from June 25 to June 30, the focus of One Call is to engage, support, and empower young people to use their gifts of music and leadership in service to the Church. We also shape adults who work in ministry, equipping them with the skills, information, and attitudes necessary to continue the work of engaging young people in their home communities. As an aside, you should know that applications are due on April 15, and our registrations have been pouring in. 

Today, I am pleased to welcome Jes Garceau, another One Call co-director to the show. Yes, we’ll talk about the program in the hopes that you’ll consider sending young people from your parish, and perhaps consider attending yourself. I hope you’ll listen as we share important details about the program. Beyond this, I’m really pleased that you will hear from Jes herself. With a background in liturgical ministry and corporate management, Jes is one of the most important voices and resources in effective ministry organization and administration. We’ll also hear a selection from composer Sally Ann Morris in this week’s “Ministry Moment”.


You can read more about Jes by visiting the “About Us” page of the One Call Institute website.

To find out more information about One Call, and to complete your application, visit the “Apply” page today!

The recording of “All That is Hidden” (Bernadette Farrell) is published by OCP. The recordings of “Will You Hold Me in the Light?” (Adam Tice/Sally Ann Morris), and “Jerusalem, My Destiny” (Rory Cooney) are published by GIA Publications.

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