#068: We've Sent Them Out. Now What? (with Zack Stachowski)

Zack Stachowski

Zack Stachowski

Parish and school communities throughout the country are in the process of sending out their young people. No, I don’t mean Confirmation rites or graduation rituals. I’m talking about the young people who will be attending any one of a variety of summer camps, programs, and institutes. 

There is no shortage of opportunities for young people to attend formational programs with their peers. As someone who helps direct such a program, most of the questions I receive have to do with, “how can I get youth from my parish to go?” Finding youth to attend, however, is only part of the battle. Once a young person has experienced the One Call Institute, One Bread One Cup, NCYC, or any of the other national and regional programs that exist, what do we do with them now? We sent them, now do we welcome them back? Most importantly, how do we utilize and continue to develop their gifts, talents, and interest? 

So, today, we’re exploring strategies, tips, and approaches that can help your community better utilize the experiences and formation of the young people in your community. To help us out, we’ll hear Zack Stachowski, co-director of the One Call Institute. We’ll also hear one of Zack’s compositions in this week’s “Ministry Moment.”


For more information about Zack Stachowski, visit his composer page at GIA Publications. You can find out more about the Open Your Hymnal podcast and the One Call Institute by visiting each program’s website.

The recordings of “Come and Eat This Living Bread” (Rob Glover) and “Panis Angelicus” (Zack Stachowski) were produced by GIA Publications. The recording of “Ang Katawan ni Kristo” (Ricky Manalo, Pia de Leon) is produced by OCP.

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