Fr. Matthew Kelty

#038: Instrumental Invitation (with Zack Stachowski)

Zack Stachowski

Zack Stachowski

You’ve heard us mention repeatedly the importance of invitation in our work as pastoral ministers. It’s a challenging topic, partly because we need to learn how to do it (though we’ve got a pretty good idea). Mostly, it’s difficult because invitation is often an exercise in vulnerability. We’ve got to relearn, retrain, risk failure, and so forth. 

Today, we’re digging deeper into the topic of invitation to speak specifically about instrumentalists. Why do we invite instrumentalists differently than we do singers? What can we do to better extend welcome to the members of our community who have instrumental skills to offer? We’ll speak with composer and teacher Zack Stachowski, who will issue a special Christmas season challenge. We’ll also hear from the writings of Fr. Matthew Kelty in this week’s Ministry Moment.


You can find out more about Zack Stachowski and his work by visiting the home pages for the One Call Institute and the Open Your Hymnal podcast.

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The music you heard in today’s episode: “Behold the Lamb” (Willett), and “Give Us Peace” (Roberts).

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