#045: Learning Goals for the New Year (with Timothy Johnston)

Timothy Johnston

Timothy Johnston

Before we begin, let me wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. I am sure that some of you are still recovering from last week. Know that your work is greatly appreciated. Each of your communities is blessed with your efforts, your dedication, and your leadership. So on behalf of all of them, and on behalf of NPM, thank you!

While we still have plenty of Christmas season remaining, today we are turning our attention to the New Year. Traditionally, at the end of December, we set resolutions or goals for the new calendar year ahead. Over the next few episodes, we’ll be looking at ministerial resolutions to help inform your own goals and targets.  We’ll focus on formation, planning, and health.

To kick us off, we’ll speak today with editor and liturgy consultant Timothy Johnston about setting a vision for professional development. We’ll also hear some New Year’s resolutions from Pope Francis in this week’s Ministry Moment.


For more information about Timothy Johnston’s work, visit the Liturgy Training Publications website.

For more information about the “Essentials of Catholic Liturgy” professional development course, offered as an online partnership between LTP and NPM, visit the NPM website.

To read the full text of Pope Francis’ address to Vatican employees and their families, visit the Vatican website.

The music you heard in today’s episode: “The First Noel” (traditional), and “Hark, the Herald Angels Sing” (arr Petrunak).

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