#072: What Music Will Young People Sing? (with the One Call Institute)

OCI participants at the end-of-week concert.

OCI participants at the end-of-week concert.

This past summer saw the second iteration of the One Call Institute for young pastoral musicians and their advocates. We are well on our way to planning next summer’s program, and we’re excited about new opportunities on the horizon. Specifically, we are pleased to offer short, local programs to train and form young people and those who work with young people in addition to our week-long summer institute.

In fact, a week ago, the first day-long One Call Institute was presented at a combined gathering of the Kansas City, Kansas and Kansans City, Missouri NPM chapters. There will also be a special pre-convention One Call experience for youth and adults this coming summer at the NPM convention in Louisville, Kentucky. If you are interested in finding out more about the One Call summer program, or about bringing One Call to your home community, you can visit the program website, onecallinstitute.org. 

One of the most common questions we get asked is, “what music appeals to young people?” To address this question, we’re sharing with you today the music of One Call. The Open Your Hymnal podcast produced a special episode that explored the variety of musical styles and genres used at the 2019 summer program. You’ll hear much of the music used at prayer, at the end-of-week concert, and at the Sunday liturgy. In exploring this repertoire, we hope you’ll come to realize that the musical tastes of young people are wide and varied, from chant to contemporary, and hymnody to praise and worship. The common threads, however, are intentionality, relevance, and authenticity.


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