#026: Music Theory, Revisited (with Keith Kalemba, ft. Aaron Copland)

Keith Kalemba

Keith Kalemba

When you look at those of us serving in the ranks of pastoral musicians, the variance in our music training is just as vast as the variance in our training in scripture, or liturgy, or theology. Some of us took lessons when we were growing up, and some of us learned to play by ear. Some of us studied music in college or graduate school, and some of us haven’t studied formal music theory at all. 

Aaron Copland

Aaron Copland

Regardless, it is our contention that understanding and utilizing basic music theory concepts are important to effective pastoral music ministry. Today, our goal is to explore this assertion. It is my hope that we’ll challenge those of you who have not studied theory to begin to learn the basics, and that we’ll challenge those of you with years of study to use that information in ways that can boost the knowledge and skills of your ensembles and colleagues. To help us with these tasks, we’ll speak with Keith Kalemba, and we’ll hear from the writings of composer Aaron Copland in today’s Ministry Moment. 



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